Auto Shipping: Choosing the Right Service, Choosing the Right Company – How To Find Car Transport that Best Suits your Needs

So you’ve just found the car of your dreams. It’s a great car; just what you’ve been looking for. The mileage isn’t that high, there aren’t any major scratches or dents, it doesn’t smell too bad, and best of all, you didn’t even pay that much for it. Perfect right? Not so fast. The car that you just found, the perfect little car that you just can’t wait to take for a spin right away, is 3,000 miles away. Maybe not so perfect after all, eh? The car shipping industry is really a collection of a number of different services that are grouped into what one refers to as auto transport. First, there are the providers of the actual carriers that will be transporting your vehicle. These are the companies that own and operate their own trucks, and they will be the ones that will do the actual shipping. Secondly, there are the brokers. Brokers are the companies that you’ll most likely be in contact with about shipping your vehicle. Keep in mind that most brokers DO NOT own their own trucks; their role is to provide logistical support, not to physically transport your vehicle. One easy way to verify whether a company is a broker or a carrier is to check their licensing information. You can request this information either through phone or email. Many companies post this information on their homepage was well. The final aspect of the auto transport industry are the information and resource aspects, but I’ll talk about those shortly.

Whether you’ll want to pay a little bit more or less than the average price should be based on what kind of service that you’ll want. If timeliness is not too big of an issue for you, you can get away with paying a little bit less than the average cost of shipping. If you want to make sure that your vehicle gets picked up quickly, you might want to think about paying a little bit more. A good auto transport company will advise you on this matter. For more information about shipping please visit at

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